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Respacio real estate CRM

The Respacio Real Estate CRM is a powerful Contact Relationship Management system designed to manage the relationships between your real estate business, buyers, vendors, collaborators, suppliers, properties and the various processes of sales, marketing and management.

Streamlining workflows, the Respacio Real Estate CRM frees your team to spend less time administrating and more time being proactive. Repetitive tasks are automated, yet with human checks and controls, allowing each team member to achieve more than ever before.

The Respacio Real Estate CRM is designed into modules, providing an intuitive interface for its users. Based in the cloud, Respacio can be accessed by you and your team wherever you are, and whatever device you are using.

The key to the system is its powerful marketing capabilities, empowering your team to react quickly and efficiently to every new lead and maintain those relationships right the way through the sales process. Your clients will appreciate the quality of service the Respacio Real Estate CRM allows your team to deliver.

Integration with systems such as G suite for emails and calendars, means that your team can use familiar apps while on the go, as well as being able to log into the Respacio Real Estate CRM from their devices.

The Respacio Real Estate CRM is also under constant development, ensuring that you will always be on the cusp of the technological curve, and because its cloud based you will always be working with the latest version, with no need to update the software.

Respacio Real Estate CRM works with any languages that you choose, allowing you to import translations and be ready to work with new markets and clients of any nationality.

Take a good look around at the Respacio Real Estate CRM’s functionality, and you will see that the system offers you more than any other real estate software on the market in an intuitive and simple format. Your team will be able to dive right in and work with the system right away.