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David Quinto

“Real estate marketing on steroids"

From a real estate marketing perspective, Respacio is unbeatable and I can even manage a sophisticated campaign straight from my phone, wherever I am

David Quinto – Spain

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Respacio is a real estate marketing machine. The designers behind the system spent their careers in marketing international real estate and have brought a wealth of practical experience and hands on knowledge to build a unique marketing system. We have avoided the gimmicks and focused on exploiting the strategies that work, that attract and convert prospects into clients.

We don’t believe in wasting time, and the marketing capabilities of Respacio reflect that. You will find processes user friendly and adaptable to the way you work. Real estate marketing should be easy and targeted so that overheads in staff time are kept to a minimum and budgets are spent intelligently.

The Respacio real estate contact management system is an intuitive interface, maintaining all your sales contact details, history and task management.  Communication to contacts is quick and easy fromabout within the system, with the ability to create marketing groups and send newsletters and personal emails with just a few clicks using adaptable templates to speed up the real estate marketing process.

The Respacio CRM is probably the most advanced multilingual and multi-regional real estate marketing system you will find, with awesome niche marketing capabilities.  The system connects directly with your websites, external property portals and MLS networks as well as the websites of collaborating agents.

Based in the cloud, Respacio real estate software can be used anywhere and on any device, liberating you and your staff from the constraints of having to be in the office to deal with urgent enquiries.

Respacio is a system for real estate agents and property developers that take real estate marketing seriously and understand that it is the lifeblood of the business.

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