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Real Estate Marketing

Nothing will help you drive more leads to your sales pipleline than reSPACio. Connect multiple multilingual websites to generate leads from different markets and niche websites to target specific groups. Synchronise your property listings with portals around the world and work with collaborators to introduce more leads and property vendors. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

12 best real estate lead generation sources in 2023 to find buyers

An effective real estate lead generation strategy in 2023 reflects the change in the market as buyers become more scarce and sales volumes do not keep up with the rate of new instructions.  In this environment, the average cost of leads rises and the quality goes down. Estate agents and brokers need to be vigilant…

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Real Estate Agent CRM Integrations

As a real estate agent, managing client relationships and juggling various tasks can be a challenge. That’s where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes in. A real estate agent CRM system allows you to organise, automate, and synchronise various aspects of your business. And with the right real estate agent CRM integrations, you can…

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Social media

The Respacio CRM and Websites offer an number of tools to market your properties through Social Media, however these tools should be used with care or you will lose followers and audience interest if you simply post every new property that you take on.  Social media requires a bit more thought. Properties can be shared…

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Real Estate Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is the most cost effective and powerful way to develop and expand your business. In this article we take birds eye view at how to develop new niches and use software to help exploit them…

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Respacio Services Respacio offer a range of services to help you get the best out of real estate marketing, however if you prefer, you can use any other company including our recommended Partners who have been selected for their expertise and experience with Respacio systems. Website Construction Our website team can build your websites to…

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White Papers

Multilingual Property Websites in Spain  An analysis of real international real estate agent websites and competitive opportunities This white paper the largest survey and report on Spanish real estate marketing online that has ever been published and is a unique and valuable competitor analysis which we hope will help estate agents in Spain to make…

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The Respacio CRM includes a very sophisticated email module that you can use for Newsletters You can create a design using the Respacio Templates module or on the Mailchimp platform, whichever you prefer.  The former will give you more options, for example if you wish to embed properties in your real estate newsletter. The Groups…

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Groups Module

Respacio Groups The Respacio Groups module is a powerful direct marketing tool that allows you to easily segment your database, and add contacts to mailing groups based on almost any parameter. A group is created in the the Respacio groups module and then contacts can be added to the group using the advance search function…

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Direct Marketing

The Respacio CRM is a powerful direct marketing marketing tool, allowing you to take the maximum advantage of your database to segment and personalise emails, putting an end to junk mail and spam. Using the contact advanced search function, groups can quickly be created based on almost any parameter.  The Templates module makes it easy…

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