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Portals & MLS

Real Estate Portals

Publishing properties to real estate portals is an essential part of real estate marketing and Respacio allows you complete control over your outgoing feeds, defining property types, prices, number of properties as well as the language of the feed and gives you an interface to check properties being sent on the feed.

Respacio comes with its own internal feedbuilder so you can map feeds to new real estate portals whenever they arise-

Real Estate MLS (Multiple Listing Services)

There are hundreds of real estate multiple listing services in the world and Respacio can export your properties to any of the MLS systems that you subscribe to,  and import properties from that MLS service into your CRM and websites.

Keeping independent of any one service gives you the flexibility to add and remove subscriptions as market conditions dictate, rather than be stuck with one.  New MLS services appear all the time, particularly in Europe and Respacio gives you the ability keep your marketing agile, rather than tied to any individual supplier.