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Contact Management

Effectively managing your contacts and never missing an opportunity is key in real estate sales. That’s why the reSPACio interface is so easy to use, yet it covers everything you need from calendars, tasks, emails, texts and organising everything into pipelines so you can see where everything is. Add workflow automations to the mix and you become a powerhouse!​

Guide to Real Estate Pipeline Stages

Guide to Real Estate Pipeline Stages What is a Real Estate Pipeline? A pipeline is the sequence of stages before, during and after a property is sold. From this very simple idea, the direction and productivity of a real estate business can be finely managed. Why use a real estate pipeline The most effective contact…

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Simple to use contact records

Respacio is the most powerful tool for real estate contact management, yet it is so simple and intuitive to use that your team can jump right in. Contacts Module The Respacio contact module makes your real estate contact management simple and intuitive. Contacts can be potential property buyers, vendors, collaborators, suppliers or any combination of…

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Task Management

Real Estate Task Management and Calendars The Tasks and Calendars Module is used to schedule your work, set reminders and allocate meeting times.   All entries are called events, and these events have a number of fields within them to keep your real estate task management in a simple interface. All events can have one or…

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Email Module

Real estate email software The Respacio email module provides powerful real estate email software to estate agents allowing you to send and receive emails straight from within the system. Emails logged to contacts and properties If an email comes into your inbox from an email address of one of the Contacts in the Respacio CRM,…

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GDPR for Estate Agents in Spain

GDPR for estate agents in Spain is a practical guide on the new privacy laws that affect all real estate agencies. Websites, CRMs and even the way you deal with a new client walk in to your office need to be compliant, find out how before its too late and avoid the potentially astronomical fines.

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