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Task Management

Real Estate Task Management and Calendars

The Tasks and Calendars Module is used to schedule your work, set reminders and allocate meeting times.   All entries are called events, and these events have a number of fields within them to keep your real estate task management in a simple interface.

All events can have one or more users selected, and that event will display in the calendar or task list each user.  Events shown in this module are also displayed in the Property management and Contact management events tabs if they are associated with the event.  For example you might add an event for the future to show a property to a contact.  That event will be shown in your Calendar and also in the events tab of the property and the contact.

Events are synchronised with your company G Suite account, so events will also be displayed in your Google Calendar, making it easy to view on your mobile and making your real estate task management both simple and flexible.

Event types are defined by you in the Master Module to ensure that your real estate task management is in line with your company work processes.  Any event has a number of different fields available.  You can select users, contacts, properties, event type and the date.  Subject and notes are free text fields.  You then select a start and end time, if relevant, a priority and status.  The status of an event could be not completed, in progress, completed or any other status that you wish to set in the Master Module.

There are two tabs in the real estate task management module, a calendar and a task list.


The calendar shows a traditional calendar, which can be changed to show day, week or month.  Clicking on a time triggers a pop up to add a new event.  By default the calendar shows events which require a physical presence such as a meeting or viewing, but you can select any event types to be displayed in this format.

You can change calendars to see those of your colleagues, allowing you to see when they are available and book a meeting on their behalf, so the Respacio real estate task management software is great for busy teams.  You can also set up calendars for any purpose, for example you might set up a calendar for a meeting room, allowing users to book the space and see when it is available.

Task List

By default the task list shows all other events associated with a user and can be filtered by event type.  For example, if you have set follow up phone calls or reminders to send emails, they would be shown in list form here.

The real estate task management module is highly flexible.  You can filter the task list to show all or any combination of event types.  For example, you could filter it to show your follow up phone calls scheduled for that day.  Each event would show the contact to be called, subject and any notes that you had placed in the event.  You can also filter the list to show the calls that you have yet to do, or those that you have completed, or filter by priority so that you can get to the high priority tasks first.

You can see other user’s event lists and add events on their behalf, making the Respacio real estate task management software perfect for working in teams.