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Real Estate Automations

Nothing will help you drive more leads to your sales pipleline than reSPACio. Connect multiple multilingual websites to generate leads from different markets and niche websites to target specific groups. Synchronise your property listings with portals around the world and work with collaborators to introduce more leads and property vendors. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Skyrocket Your Real Estate Leads with Instant Whatsapp Replies (and Stop Wasting Time!)

Instantly convert real estate portal enquiries with Respacio’s unique Whatsapp automation, see how it works to save your time and money…

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Outgoing property feeds

Outgoing property feeds send listing data from our system to other systems such as property portals, online catalogues, collaborating partners and other marketing channels.

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Automated email follow ups

Automated email follow up in a nutshell The automated email follow up watches deals in a chosen pipeline stage and if there is a response to an email, the deal is moved to Review Response. If there is no response then any number of chaser emails can be sent at preselected intervals until finally the…

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Automated Email Reader

The automated email reader extracts the details from automated emails and adds the contact and a deal into your system so you don’t have to type.

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