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Managing Real Estate Contacts

If you are going to manage real estate contacts effectively, you are going to need software designed for the job. No other software is as easy to use as reSPACio yet offers such an incredible range of features and customisation to your business.

Guide to Real Estate Pipeline Stages

Guide to Real Estate Pipeline Stages What is a Real Estate Pipeline? A pipeline is the sequence of stages before, during and after a property is sold. From this very simple idea, the direction and productivity of a real estate business can be finely managed. Why use a real estate pipeline The most effective contact…

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Simple to use contact records

Respacio is the most powerful tool for real estate contact management, yet it is so simple and intuitive to use that your team can jump right in. Contacts Module The Respacio contact module makes your real estate contact management simple and intuitive. Contacts can be potential property buyers, vendors, collaborators, suppliers or any combination of…

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Task Management

Real Estate Task Management and Calendars The Tasks and Calendars Module is used to schedule your work, set reminders and allocate meeting times.   All entries are called events, and these events have a number of fields within them to keep your real estate task management in a simple interface. All events can have one or…

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Email Module

Real estate email software The Respacio email module provides powerful real estate email software to estate agents allowing you to send and receive emails straight from within the system. Emails logged to contacts and properties If an email comes into your inbox from an email address of one of the Contacts in the Respacio CRM,…

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GDPR for Estate Agents in Spain

GDPR for estate agents in Spain is a practical guide on the new privacy laws that affect all real estate agencies. Websites, CRMs and even the way you deal with a new client walk in to your office need to be compliant, find out how before its too late and avoid the potentially astronomical fines.

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Streamline Your Client Onboarding with the Peak End Rule in Real Estate

Discover how applying the Peak End Rule to your real estate onboarding process can transform client experiences and grow your business.

Identifying Motivated Sellers with Respacio’s Real Estate CRM

Nothing better than a motivated seller but do you know how to identify them and convert them quickly? Watch the video and read the blog now.

How to find seller leads in your Real Estate CRM

Discover hidden seller leads in your Real Estate CRM and find gold in your database

Real Estate CRM: The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Contact Management

Make contact management easy so contacts can be buyers and sellers at the same time

New real estate leads always arrive at the wrong time

When you’re busy elsewhere, somebody fills in the form on your portal listing advert and your real estate CRM software does the rest

Your real estate CRM needs to deal with contacts this way!

Just enter contacts into your system one time and buyers can be sellers

    Real Estate Automations

    Real estate automations are vital if you are going to manage leads effectively. Save time, avoid repetitive tasks and let systems take over so that you and your team can focus on selling and closing more deals.

    Outgoing property feeds

    Outgoing property feeds send listing data from our system to other systems such as property portals, online catalogues, collaborating partners and other marketing channels.

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    Automated email follow ups

    Automated email follow up in a nutshell The automated email follow up watches deals in a chosen pipeline stage and if there is a response to an email, the deal is moved to Review Response. If there is no response then any number of chaser emails can be sent at preselected intervals until finally the…

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    Automated Email Reader

    The automated email reader extracts the details from automated emails and adds the contact and a deal into your system so you don’t have to type.

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    Enhancing Real Estate Visibility with QR Codes on For Sale Signs

    Elevate your property listings with QR codes on real estate for sale signs. Instantly connect buyers to your listings.

    The Power of Real Estate Pipeline Management in Modern Agencies

    Transform your agency with real estate pipeline management. Automate workflows, boost efficiency, and increase deal success.

    Streamlining Real Estate Responses with Automated Property Requirements

    Learn how the Respacio real estate CRM system can use automated requirements to formulate and send personalised responses to enquiries.

    How to Craft Real Estate Automated Response Emails for a Lasting Impression

    Watch the video and learn how to craft amazing real estate automated response emails that help convert more leads into sales.

    Elevate Your Short-Term Rentals: The Respacio Advantage

    Learn about our check in/check out short term rental automation that keeps clients informed and your service consistent. Watch the video now.

    Streamlining Real Estate Viewings with Respacio’s CRM Automations

    Never be unprepared and embarrassed at a viewing again. Automate your preparedness with CRM automations. Click through and watch the video.

    Revolutionising Real Estate: Unleashing the Power of Automation

    Find out how the power of Respacio's automation engine can do all your follow up for your and save 40% of your leads from being lost.

    Real Estate Success: The Power of Automation with Respacio

    The Respacio real estate CRM automation engine can be programmed to do all your follow up for you. Try it today with no obligation.

    Transforming Real Estate Efficiency with CRM Automation

    Explore Respacio's practical CRM automation for real estate pros. Simplify operations, automate leads, and boost productivity.

    Share Real Estate Listings the easy way: Ultimate Control and Efficiency

    Share Listings with Ease and Control, Automate Feeds and Protect Edits to Enhance Your Reach and Efficiency.

    Are you a Real Estate Agent working on a Saturday?

    How automations free you up to do the important things (like closing)

    How many hours do you waste matching real estate?

    Save time by using property matching to accurately match properties to buyer preferences

      Real Estate Software

      Whether you are marketing a handful of properties or thousands of listings, reSPACio’s real estate software has you covered with a huge array of features and integrations to property portals, MLS systems, social media and much more. The integrated newsletter system allows you to send targeted and sophisticated mailings both at group and individual level and you can see the effectiveness of every marketing penny you spend.

      The Respacio Real Estate CRM is a powerful Contact Relationship Management system designed to manage the relationships between your real estate business, buyers, vendors, collaborators, suppliers, properties and the various processes of sales, marketing and management.

      Streamlining workflows, Respacio Real Estate Software frees your team to spend less time administrating and more time being proactive. Repetitive tasks are automated, yet with human checks and controls, allowing each team member to achieve more than ever before.

      The Respacio Real Estate CRM is designed into modules, providing an intuitive interface for its users. Based in the cloud, Respacio can be accessed by you and your team wherever you are, and whatever device you are using.

      The key to the system is its powerful marketing capabilities, empowering your team to react quickly and efficiently to every new lead and maintain those relationships right the way through the sales process. Your clients will appreciate the quality of service Respacio Real Estate Software allows your team to deliver.

      Integration with systems such as G suite for emails and calendars, means that your team can use familiar apps while on the go, as well as being able to log into the Respacio Real Estate CRM from their devices.

      Respacio Real Estate Software is also under constant development, ensuring that you will always be on the cusp of the technological curve, and because it is cloud based you will always be working with the latest version, with no need to update the software.

      Respacio Real Estate CRM works with any languages that you choose, allowing you to import translations and be ready to work with new markets and clients of any nationality.

      Take a good look around at the Respacio Real Estate CRM’s functionality, and you will see that the system offers you more than any other real estate software on the market in an intuitive and simple format. Your team will be able to dive right in and work with the system right away.

      10 Things to Know Before Picking Your Estate Agent Software

      Everything you need to know to make the most informed decision for purchasing estate agent software for your real estate agency.

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      About Respacio real estate software

      The Respacio real estate software, Contact Relationship Management system, WordPress Themes and Plugins have been released in 2018 after almost two years of intensive development and a large team of programmers. The software has been designed to fulfill the need for an up to date and modern system within the international real estate sector and…

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      Templates Module

      The Respacio templates module is an essential tool for email marketing, allowing you to create stunning real estate email templates as well as text templates for personal emails.  The module can also be used for creating document templates, saving time when creating contracts and standard documents. Real Estate Email Templates The Respacio templates module organises your…

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      User Management

      The Respacio user management module allows you set up roles and rights for user types within your company and the hierarchy of users. You define the roles within your company and then attach rights to that role.  The rights you attach will define the sharing of properties and contacts, as well as the visibility of…

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      Master Module

      The Master module is the key to the system’s flexibility because it is where you define the terms and their translation that will be used by the Respacio CRM and websites. For example, you define all of the individual features that a property might have, and the translation of those terms into your chosen language. …

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      Property Management

      Property Management Software The first thing you will see in the Respacio property management software is the Properties Module is where you add, view and edit the details of all of your properties. This module allows you to manage all your properties for sale and for rent. Property List The Property List can easily be…

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      Respacio real estate CRM

      The Respacio Real Estate CRM is a powerful Contact Relationship Management system designed to manage the relationships between your real estate business, buyers, vendors, collaborators, suppliers, properties and the various processes of sales, marketing and management. Streamlining workflows, the Respacio Real Estate CRM frees your team to spend less time administrating and more time being…

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      Data Import

      Real estate CRM data import Both property and contact data can be imported and exported using spreadsheets.  This method suits times when, for example, you are at an exhibition and contact details have simply been recorded on a sheet. For large real estate CRM data import projects, for example if you are migrating years of…

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