Master Module - reSPACio

Master Module

The Master module is the key to the system’s flexibility because it is where you define the terms and their translation that will be used by the Respacio CRM and websites.

For example, you define all of the individual features that a property might have, and the translation of those terms into your chosen language.  Those features are then used in the property descriptions of your websites and can be also used to to create property listings based on those terms.

Languages that are to be used by the system are set here.  Once selected, each term has a field where you can add the translations to the languages you have set.   If you are only using the system and creating websites in English, then you will not need to add translations.

The master module is where you set the options in drop down menus, the features and attributes of properties, the locations and many more parameters used by the system.  For example, you can choose the event note types for events added to the system, and customise these around your work processes.

As as you evolve, you can make changes to the Master module, it is not fixed.  So as new ideas occur to you, you can add these additional terms to the module, ensuring that the system is always working how you want it and collecting the data you need.

The Master module also gives you ultimate control of outgoing feeds to web portals or feeds to other agent’s sites.  You can view exactly which properties are being sent to a feed, and edit the feed to show specific properties.  For example you might have a feed of just luxury homes that are sent to a portal or agent specialising in that market.