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Data Import

Real estate CRM data import

Both property and contact data can be imported and exported using spreadsheets.  This method suits times when, for example, you are at an exhibition and contact details have simply been recorded on a sheet.

For large real estate CRM data import projects, for example if you are migrating years of information from your existing database to the Respacio CRM, our specialist team will help you with this task.  If fields that you have on your old database do not have a direct equivalent on the Respacio system, we can use custom fields to receive them, otherwise all contact and property details can be mapped and imported from your old database.

We can also import calendars and logs of events from your old system, so that you do not need to lose any information at all.

Emails are a key to Real estate CRM data import and these are handled by import into your company G suite Gmail account, and Respacio’s email module will then synchronise with this, including preserving your email folders and tags.

Contact us to get more information on this, and let us know the system you are using.  We already have mapped a number of popular real estate systems from companies that have migrated over to the Respacio CRM.