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The first thing you will see in the Respacio property management software is the Properties Module is where you add, view and edit the details of all of your properties. This module allows you to manage all your properties for sale and for rent.

Property List

The Property List can easily be filtered to show the columns that you need in front of you, and you can also select how many properties you see in each page or whether to view all, active or archived contacts.  From here you can also import properties.

You can click on the property summary button from the list and a pop up will display basic details of that property along with a slide show.  Perfect for when you just need quick information about that property or you have a client sitting with you.

There is a basic search to find properties quickly, or an advanced search.  After selecting properties from the list, you can choose to download property PDF displays, email them to single or multiple contacts or add events.  By clicking on a property, you can enter the property record.  The property management software is sophisticated, but intuitive and easy to use.

Property Records

Within the Respacio property management software, each property record is divided into a number of tabs so that information can be quickly accessed.

Details Tab

The Details tab is where the basic details of the property are added, such as the property type, rooms and sizes.  It also has sections for adding features and attributes of a property.  These sections are chosen from a list that you define in the Master Module.  These features and attributes are synchronised with your websites and can also be used to define property lists shown on custom pages, so if you had an attribute called "Private Pool", you could create a web page showing only properties with private pools.  This makes the property management software extremely powerful for internet marketing.

The Details tab does not display any confidential information about the property and can be opened with a client at your shoulder!

Address Tab

The Address tab is, where you enter the address of the property.  You can also choose to add a confidential address that will not be shown on websites, in case you wish to hide that information.  There is also a private section for directions, which can be used if the property is hard to find, for instance in the case of a rural property.

Within this section there is a Google map which is integrated with the property management software, so that you can plot the property and this will be shown on websites.  You can predefine Complexes and their map locations in the Master Module so that they can appear as a dropdown list.  Within the Master Module you can also define the States, Municipalities and Cities that you deal with so they appear as drop downs so inputting time is kept to a minimum.

Contacts Tab

This is where you choose the vendor(s) of the property from your contacts list, or you can add a new contact.  You can also assign other types of contact to the property, such as "Keyholder" or "Maintenance Manager".  These contact types can be defined in the Master Module.

When viewing this tab, the contact details of the selected contacts are displayed, and you can click on any of them to view their record, making the property management software simple and easy to navigate.  You can open views in different browser windows and tabs and switch between them.

Misc Tab

The Misc tab contains most of the confidential information about the property.  The Respacio property management software can handle  residential, commercial, for sale, for rent or rent with purchase and all the pricing details relevant to each type.  Prices can be set in any currency and websites will reflect the conversion.  Property searches in any currency within the CRM will also automatically convert.  For example, if you search in Swiss Francs, properties sold in Euros or Sterling will be shown in the appropriate value order and converted to Swiss Francs.

Further information such as the contract terms between your organisation and the property, location of keys (including a reference if keys are stored in your office), existing mortgage details, title deed location and the vendor’s negotiation position can also be accessed here.

Marketing channels are also held in this tab, where you can see details (with links) to any portals the property is advertised in, and you can exclude the property from your websites or advertising if desired.  You can also mark the property as featured, which will highlight it on your websites as a featured property.

You can also set up custom fields in the Master Module, which you can use to show local taxes, land rents, community fees or any other type of information useful to your organisation. Optional sections include the energy ratings of the property and tourist lettings details, making the property management software flexible to work in any country.

Description Tab

The Description tab is where descriptions are entered in the languages that your system has been set to in the Master Module.  There are fields for both long and short descriptions which will be displayed on your website.  You can also add SEO descriptions, Meta description and Tags here.  Descriptions can be added in any of the languages you have selected and link to your websites.

Attachments Tab

All the photos, videos, floor plans and virtual tours or any other type of media you have defined in the Master Module are uploaded, linked and viewed in this page.  You upload photos in full size and they are resized for websites.  You can download these full size photos from here too, for use in print advertising, for example.

Interested Tab

The Interested Tab shows all contacts whose requirements match the property.  As new contacts are added, they will appear here if their requirements match.  You can select contacts and email them the property details from this page.

Events Tab

The Events tab is a log of all past and future events associated with the Property, and will also show any contacts or system users that event is associated with.  You can define the types of Events in the Master Module but default types include Viewings, Meetings, Phone Calls and Follow Ups to ensure that the property management software matches your work processes.  You can add new events and future tasks to be completed in this tab and these will also show in the corresponding system user’s Calendar and Tasks list.  When you send property details to a client, it is automatically logged to this Events tab.

Documents Tab

You can add any documents associated with this property such as copies of deeds, spreadsheets and pdfs of signed agreements in this tab.

Displays Tab

In the Displays tab you can download PDFs of window displays or displays to be sent to the client.  There are a number of themes to select from, or you can have custom themes for your organisation.  All themes show the company logo and address, as well as images and descriptions.  Logos and addresses can be unique for each user, so if your group has a number of branches or even companies, this can be handled by the property management software.

Emails Tab

The Emails Tab gives a complete history of all emails sent and received from the relating to the property.   Emails are automatically logged to the tab if you send a display of the property to a contact, and any email can be associated with a property from the Communications tab at the time of sending.

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