Templates Module - reSPACio

Templates Module

The Respacio templates module is an essential tool for email marketing, allowing you to create stunning real estate email templates as well as text templates for personal emails.  The module can also be used for creating document templates, saving time when creating contracts and standard documents.

Real Estate Email Templates

The Respacio templates module organises your templates into categories, so each department of your organisation may have their own categories and subcategories.

Real Estate email templates can be used for designing beautiful newsletters using standard HTML, and like all Respacio templates, these can contain custom fields such as the contact name in order to personalise them.  Property details, photos, descriptions and prices can be embedded into the template, as well as logos.

Personal emails can also be added to your template library, saving time when writing standard emails to contacts.  If you are using a template, for example sending an email, you can make changes before the email is sent, so you can personalise it with a different opening sentence for example.

Respacio real estate email templates cut down your workflow processes, having a library of templates covering the most common emails that you create will save an enormous amount of time, adding consistency and quality to your work processes.

Templates for Documents and Contracts

The Respacio templates module can also be used to create templates for documents and contracts.  Using embedded fields, documents can be created with contact names, addresses and property details.  Cutting and pasting documents can be a thing of the past as contracts can be generated easily and quickly with this module, eliminating possible user errors in their creation.