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Email Module

Real estate email software

The Respacio email module provides powerful real estate email software to estate agents allowing you to send and receive emails straight from within the system.

Emails logged to contacts and properties

If an email comes into your inbox from an email address of one of the Contacts in the Respacio CRM, it will also be logged in the email tab of that contact automatically.  The same applies to sending and email, even if you send an email from your phone or your Outlook software to a particular contact, the email will be registered to that contact by the real estate email software. This means that you can always see the history of emails within any contact in your contact management module to and from any user of the system.

The real estate email software module is synchronised with your company G Suite account.  So if you read an email on your phone, it will show in your communications module as read.  If you organise your inbox with tags, they will also be preserved in your Respacio inbox.

If you send an email from the Respacio real estate email software, you can also select a property to log that email against, so you can have a record within the property management module whenever it has been discussed in an email with a Contact.  If you send the property as a PDF attachment within the email (which you can do in a couple of clicks), then that email will also automatically be registered to the property, so you always know when and to whom property details have been sent.

Email templates

Email templates used in conjunction with the real estate email software module save a lot of time.  You can insert fields like names or property details in templates, and they can be edited before sending so that you can further personalise them.

Emailing to groups

If you are sending an email to just a few people, then that email is sent through the Gmail system.  If you want to send an email to lots of people, for example to a group that you have saved, then these emails are treated as campaigns and are sent through the Mailchimp system.  You can search for contacts within the Respacio system by almost any parameter and add them to a group, then use this powerful real estate email software to email them all, which is perfect for niche marketing campaigns.

You can also use templates with the real estate email software, either for individual emails or for email blasts.

The real estate email software module, combined with Templates and Groups gives you immense flexibility to send emails of any type to contacts and keep and automatically keep a copy of that email in both the contact and property record.

Using requirement matching to email properties to contacts

When you add a new property to your system, you can immediately see contacts whose requirements match that property, and you can email them the property details directly from the property Interested tab, ensuring that the process of marketing that property is immediate and efficient.

When you add a new contact to the system, you can immediately see the properties that match their requirements, and mail them property details that they will be interested in with just a few clicks of the mouse… or a few taps on your phone.