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Social media

The Respacio CRM and Websites offer an number of tools to market your properties through Social Media, however these tools should be used with care or you will lose followers and audience interest if you simply post every new property that you take on.  Social media requires a bit more thought.

Properties can be shared via the website to any platform such as Facebook, Twitter etc.  Facebook business pages can be synchronised with a feed to show a searchable catalogue of all your properties.  Youtube can be used to create unique and interesting content that can be found on Youtube, shared on Facebook and displayed on the relevant property page on your website.

Facebook Business Pages

The Real Estate Industry is becoming increasingly aware of the power of social media, specifically Facebook, as a medium to promote a business and the properties it sells.

Facebook relies on having interesting content to attract customers to your page.  In our blog we will cover different ways in which you can create content to drive this traffic to your business page.  Once the user has landed on the page, you should be able to provide content that is useful and engaging.

This content on a Facebook business page is organised into tabs.  The Respacio System will synchronise with your Facebook Business page, through an additional tab on your page that will display a catalogue of all your properties.  Users can search this catalogue to find properties, and each property has a link back to your website.

In addition to this, your Facebook business page can have all of the normal features, allowing you to post, share and be followed.


All properties can have a variety of media attached to them, including videos.  Videos are uploaded to Youtube in order to benefit from the additional exposure that the medium provides, and if a video exists it is displayed on the relevant property page of the website.

Videos have become powerful method of attracting interest in a property, and provide excellent additional content not only for your website, but also to share across other social media such as your Facebook business page.