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Groups Module

Respacio Groups

The Respacio Groups module is a powerful direct marketing tool that allows you to easily segment your database, and add contacts to mailing groups based on almost any parameter.

A group is created in the the Respacio groups module and then contacts can be added to the group using the advance search function in the contact list or individually by adding the group tag within a contact module.  You can search for broad terms such as all vendors or all buyers, or you can drill down and get cleverer!

For example, let’s say you want to prospect for new properties to add to your portfolio.  You have can search for all contacts who had purchased a property more than a year ago and add them to a group.  Then you can craft an email in the templates module to send to this group.  The email will be personalised using each contact’s name to increase responses.  So within a few minutes you can have sent this group an email asking them if they are considering putting their property on the market.

Another example might be that you have taken on a rent to purchase property, one in which the vendor will rent before purchase and offer a reduced purchase price after a rental period.  In this case, you could send an email to all those contacts who have enquired about rentals during a particular timeframe, offering this property for their consideration.

There are many  ways to use Respaciogroups to segment your mailings and therefore increase responses.  Newsletters that you might have sent in the past to your whole client database can now be tuned to the demands of particular groups.  You can even search within a group to create a subgroup, or combine groups to form another group.

Use Respaciogroups to increase the effectiveness of your niche marketing, for example if you have identified a niche as people looking for homes in which to retire, you can search by birth dates to isolate those approaching retirement or past retirement age and promote niche websites that you have created.

Combining Respacio groups with niche market websites opens new ways to target and promote properties to those most likely to be interested in them.  It just takes a little creativity!