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Multilingual Property Websites in Spain

 An analysis of real international real estate agent websites and competitive opportunities

This white paper the largest survey and report on Spanish real estate marketing online that has ever been published and is a unique and valuable competitor analysis which we hope will help estate agents in Spain to make informed decisions about their online marketing strategies.

We analysed a sample of 907 websites of estate agents selling Spanish properties to foreign markets, constituting approximately 10% of the total number of companies targeting these buyers and cross referenced this data with official statistics showing the patterns of foreign buyers across Spain.

In this white paper we examine real estate website marketing and assess the effectiveness of estate agent websites in attracting foreign buyers.

In doing so, we identify the gaps and marketing opportunities that exist in the market. We uncover surprising weaknesses and in doing so reveal the opportunities in the Spanish real estate industry today.

The white paper is an invaluable guide to marketing strategy for estate agents, website designers and marketing agencies working in the Spanish international property sector.

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