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Merging Contacts

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Duplicate contacts can be merged using the merge option located on the top toolbar of the contact list. After selecting the merge option choose the field that the system will match records such as name or email address. You will then see a list of matched records, grouped by the records that match.

If you click the selection button on the left, a delete button will appear on the top toolbar. Click on this to delete the selected record.

To merge contacts, use the right hand selection button to select two or more matching contacts, and then click the merge button. You will see a column for each contact, with their reference number at the top.

Select the fields with data that you want to keep. Most fields, such as name or surname, will allow you to select only one data field. Others, such as phone numbers and email addresses which allow multiple records will allow you to select more than one.

The system will automatically select any fields with data in. Where there are fields completed with data in more than one record it will automatically select the older record. You can change the selection simply by clicking on the data field you want to keep.

Any fields that you do not see, such as notes or events, will merge data from all records and no data will be lost.

Once you have checked through the record and made any selection changes you want, click on save. A dialogue box will pop up to confirm that the records have been merged.

Once a merge is saved it cannot be undone.

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