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The Contact list is where you can view all your contacts. Along the top toolbar there are a number of buttons:

  • Create New to add a new contact to the system
  • Records per page has a drop down allowing you to show 10, 20, 50 or 100 records per page of the list. You can change the default number of contacts you see in the My Profile page. At the bottom of the page list you can select the next pages or last page.
  • All / Enquiries etc shows all contacts by default and allows you to restrict the list to just see enquiries, active contacts, inactive contacts or contacts that have unsubscribed
  • Option allows you to merge contacts and if you have permission you can upload or download contacts to Excel, download all contact deals or merge contacts
  • Select all selects all contacts on the page

Selecting contacts

Selecting contacts by clicking on the radio button on the right side of your screen will show additional buttons on the top toolbar

  • Group allows you to add the selected contacts to a group. Once clicked, a popup will allow you to select a group or create a new group to add the contacts to.
  • Email will open a new tab with an email form and the contacts selected in the ‘To’ field
  • Events will open a popup to add an event with the selected contacts and their deals connected to the event
  • Edit If one contact is selected, you will also see an edit button on the top toolbar. Click on this to enter the contact details and edit.

Contact list columns

  • You can select which columns are in view by clicking on the filter icon at the top of the page
  • If you have selected more columns than fit on the screen you can use your mouse scroll or keyboard arrows to move to the right and see more columns
  • You can drag columns from their header to re-order them
  • By clicking on the column header, you can order the list by that column

Basic Search

You can enter a term into the search bar to filter the list to all records with that term in the columns you have selected. For example, if you search for ‘Carlos’ with names and notes as selected columns, then if the word Carlos (not case sensitive) appears as a name or is within part of a note, the record will show.

If you search using the + sign without a space between the terms, then the list will show records with both terms. For example if you search for ‘carlos+hobbs’ then you will see only records with carlos AND hobbs.

If you search with a space between the terms, such as ‘carlos hobbs’ then the list will show records containing carlos OR hobbs.

Special Fields

Some fields can be clicked such as:

  • Reference number will take you to the contact record
  • Deal will show a popup of the deal summary
  • Status can be selected from the dropdown
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