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Control Panel Overview

The Control Panel allows you to define the terms that are used in the system and their translations. The terms are organised into Categories, and each Category has a number of subcategories. You can add and remove most categories and the subcategories and terms within them. A very few categories and terms have dependencies elsewhere in the system and these cannot be removed, the system will not allow you to.

Each term is set in English as the core language and translations are added. You can feel free to remove and add terms  or change their translations so that the system is customised to your requirements.

Example: Property Features

For example in Property Features there are five main categories, the terms under these can be removed and new terms added. This gives you total flexibility in how your property feature keywords are classified and ensures that you can have all of the types you require. When you start with the system, Features available are as follows:


  • Golf, Beach, Sea, Garden, Pool, Town, Countryside, Sunset


  • City Centre, Close to beach, Close to sea, First line, Peaceful area, Suburbs, Tourist area, Town centre, Village


  • Car Park, Garage, Gardens, Heated pool, Reception, Sauna, Security, Spa, Squash, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pools, Tennis


  • Close to bus stop, Close to train station, Close to metro, Close to motorway, Good road access, Close to Airport

Local Amenities

  • Local shops, Shopping Centre, Sports Centre, Schools, Nightlife, Beaches, Landmarks, Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres

Editing Individual Categories and Terms

There are two ways to edit categories and terms. If you just need to add or edit a small number of terms you can access the Control Panel in Settings, navigate to the category you need to edit and delete or edit an existing term, or add a new one.

For example you could add a new feature to Local Amenities such as "Aquarium". Before adding the feature, translate the term into each of the languages of your system. For an example, see the video below.

Another way to edit terms is to export the master module as an Excel spreadsheet, make changes to it and then import the edited module. See the video below.

To remove a term completely from the database, type the word "delete" in the action column and upload the sheet. This will delete the row.

If you delete a term that defines a category, then you will also delete all of the sub-categories and terms within that category. If you have records in the database that are using that term, such as a property feature, then the term will be deleted from the record.

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