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Turn unused domain names into lead generators!

It's time to put those old domain names that you own into action! Make those unused real estate domain names pay by turning them into awesome lead generators with niche websites

Just about estate agent and developer has got a bank of unused real estate domain names that they bought in the past sitting around doing nothing but costing them renewal fees every year.

Maybe some of them have a redirect to their main website, but still, their value is practically useless.  Yet many of these unused real estate domains have great keywords within them.  So they don’t want to let them go, just in case some other agent uses them and launches a great website focused at that niche.

So the only reason they keep paying to renew those names every year is because they don’t want anyone else to have them.

The problem is, that launching a new website is complicated, takes a lot of effort and that means money.  So up till now, the easiest thing to do is just pay.  Every year.  For nothing.

But with Respacio, that doesn’t need to be the case.  You can convert those unused real estate domains into fully functional niche websites easily and quickly, displaying the properties from your portfolio that suit that niche.

So if you bought ·retirementhomesinyourlocation.com, luxuryaparentsinsomewhereelse.com you can quickly and easily create websites showing homes for retirement or luxury apartments and it need not cost you a team of developers and months of work to create them.  You can pop up a site within a day, and start turning those domains you have gathering dust into real assets.

Respacio removes the barriers to creating great looking specialist websites, and lets you become really creative.  Chances are, that bank of domain names you have has some real gems in it, and there are people out there searching for those keywords right now.  Stop wasting money every year and start generating some new business.

Launching a new professional looking website with all the features of the most sophisticate real estate sites on the market is no longer a challenge.  Book a demo and let us show you how Respacio can turn those costs into assets.