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A Killer Social Media Strategy for Real Estate in 2024

The Dynamic Viral Listing Page is an advanced marketing technique for real estate agents, but it is simple to implement. You will create a landing page that will rank well in Google, will be shared organically in Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and can also be used in target advertising on those platforms. Information on the page will automatically change, so this is not a one off, it can be shared again every month.

Real estate listings don’t get shares and Likes

You already know that posting endlessly every new property listing on your page becomes tedious for your audience and rarely works as an advert. In fact, statistics show that estate agents post more to Facebook than almost any other industry yet get one of the lowest interaction rates. We are going to solve this problem.

Create a group of properties people will share

What we are going to do is take a group of property listings and link them together with a title that makes people curious or might even be outrageous. This requires a little creativity on your part, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • 5 hottest homes in <your location> for a BBQ in 2024
  • The 10 best <your location> party homes in 2024
  • 7 beautiful <your location> bathrooms in 2024
  • The 6 greatest <your location> kitchens for Gourmets 2024
  • The 5 best <your location> homes for Airbnb in 2024
  • 6 Sexiest bedrooms in <your location> for 2024
  • 2024’s collection of the 10 best homes for Golfers in <your location>
  • The 10 best homes to in <your location> to invite your grandchildren to stay in 2024

There are a few things to note in these titles.

Firstly, we are choosing a specific number of homes because research shows that this makes people more likely to click on the link because people love lists.

Secondly, we are including a location to target people looking for a home in that location because we only want visitors that are relevant to your business and equally they will be more likely to click it rather than a general title with no area. This also makes the page more likely to show up for that area in search results.

Thirdly we have the date, because when people see the information is current and they see this month and year, research shows that they are more likely to click it than other links listed in Google’s search results.

Create the Landing Page

The landing page you create will have a few basic elements. Our example uses the Respacio State Agency WordPress Theme and the Respacio CRM because it makes this all quick and easy. If you are using another CRM then make sure it has the functionality you require or you will have to update the properties on the page manually, which could be a pain.

  • The title that you chose
  • The intro text
  • The meta description
  • A dynamic list of properties that will change
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Forms for visitors to subscribe
  • A featured image that people will want to click

The Title

The title of our page is going to have a dynamic element which is the month and year. As the month and date change, so will the title so it will always show the current month and year. You can achieve this either by writing some code into WordPress or, simply by adding two plugins!

Having added the Plugins, you can now create the new post on your site. In the post title you just enter your title and the shortcode and on the front end your visitors will see the dynamic date.

Add Plugins to create a Dynamic Title

  • Shortcodes anywhere or Everywhere allows you to inject a shortcode into the Title of the a Post or Page.
  • Shortcode for current date gives you a shortcode for the date, allowing you to choose how it is formatted. We wanted to show, "Month, Year" which has the shortcode current_date format=’F, Y’ but you could select any of the available formats.
Now you can add a title to your page or post that looks like this: The front end version of the title would show "5 Hottest homes in Puerto for a BBQ in 2024" with the current month and year, and Google will display this as the title too. See the Video at the beginning of this post for more information

The Intro text

The intro text is important so that Google sees that the page is relevant to the title and meta description and will rank it.  It just needs to be a short paragraph in which you should repeat the title keywords for SEO purposes. If you want to improve the SEO for the page, you could also add some additional text at the bottom of the page for Google’s spiders to read, because where search rankings are concerned, more relevant text is usually better than less.

The Meta Description and Excerpt

Make sure you also repeat the keywords in the meta description and excerpt of the post. The meta description is read by Google’s spiders and you can edit this easily in your Yoast SEO settings on a Respacio site. You can also make the Yoast meta description dynamic, adding a date in it.

The Dynamic list of Properties

This is the list of properties on the page that is going to automatically update as you add more listings to your Respacio CRM in the future. We are going to create a hidden marketing tag on the CRM side and tag relevant properties. As we add new properties in the future, we will tag them if they suit the list. Our list will always show the most recent properties that you have added to your CRM that are tagged.
  • Go to the Settings > Master Module > Others Tab and select Marketing Features.
  • Click on the + Icon
  • Type in the marketing feature, in our case it was Hot BBQs in all the languages you require.
  • Click Save
  • In the property record go to the Misc tab
  • Click Edit
  • Click on the Marketing features sub tab
  • Select the feature
  • Click Save

Create the dynamic property list on a Respacio website

  • In your WordPress page or post pagebuilder add a new element from the Respacio section, Property List
  • Within the module, select Property Sorting, and the Filters tab will appear. Start typing Hot BBQs and select the filter that will be shown, then save your changes.
  • We decided to have a black page to fit into our BBQ theme, and you can activate the design options to change colours to fit into the design theme of your page.

Social Sharing Buttons

You probably have social sharing buttons on your post pages anyway, but make sure you do! If you don’t just add them to this post in your pagebuilder.

Subscribe forms

We recommend putting a couple of subscribe forms on the page, in our case we just put a couple of buttons to create a pop up form, but you could make the form pop up when the user has scrolled down the page, or embed the form into the post. There are so many ways you can do this and a multitude of form plugins that you can add to a Respacio site to achieve the effect you want. We would advise that you use a form plugin that allows hidden fields as these can be used by the Respacio CRM to show you where the visitor has come from, such as a newsletter campaign, a link from another site, an advert in Google or Facebook etc.

Add a featured image to the post and make it an attractive one! This image will be used by social media when you share your post. Adding a surprised / happy / thoughtful face will help to get the post seen as the eye is naturally drawn towards the image of a face. There are lots of royalty free sites you will be able to find a good image on. In our example case we went to Pixabay and found a picture of a frog!

5 hottest homes in Puerto for a BBQ in 2024

Sharing your dynamic viral listing page

Now that you have created the dynamic viral listing page on your website its time to share it! You could just do this manually by posting it on your Facebook page, Twitter stream and other social assets but as you will want to continue to repost it every month, you might want to schedule it. If you are using software such as Hootsuite or similar, this is pretty easy.  You will be able to schedule shares every month on your page well into the future.

You should also share the page to Goups in Facebook that you are a member of. This will extend your audience and create additional likes and shares from Group members.

Using a dynamic viral listing page in adverts

You can also share this page or post as an advert, and we would advise you to do this. In Facebook create an audience using geolocation to target residents and visitors to <your location> and use demographics to target the age range and other parameters that make up your buyer profile. If your page is focused at a specific interest niche, such as the golfer title example above, you can also target that interest. Through the Facebook advertising system you can also share to Instagram.

In Twitter you can achieve similar results with Tailored Audiences. In Google, you can geotarget and use their other selectors to refine by search keywords and other parameters on their network.

In Google Ads, you can share the post to people who are searching for property in your location. If you have based your topic on the interests of your past buyers, then this advert is going to stand out amongst your competition and get more clicks. Again, you can use geotargeting and Google’s other parameters to refine your audience further.

When you share a link to your page organically or with advertising, always create a UTM URL so that the link source can be tracked when a form is filled in and sent to your Respacio CRM. Your new form enquiries will then show where that enquiry came from and you will keep track of which methods are working best for you… and spend your money on the ones that work best!

Results from your Dynamic Viral Listing Pages

You should receive some great results from your Dynamic Viral Listing pages. In time, they will rank well in Google search as they will get a good number of backlinks from social media. The nature of these pages is that they raise the curiosity of your audience, and that makes them click. You should also find a good rate of conversion after they land on your page.

In Respacio, you will be able to track exactly which websites, adverts and marketing campaigns each new enquiry came from and using this information you will be able to refine and improve your marketing.

Amongst your clients, you will be known and respected as a creative marketer, and that will help you build your customer base. Your website will have unique pages that nobody else has.

Dynamic Viral Listing pages are excellent for marketing to niches within your target demographic. The subject matter you base your pages on will be the specific interest areas of your market niches, and you will discover that they become powerful lead magnets.

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