Website Module - reSPACio

Website Module

The Website module shows all the websites that you have connected to the Respacio CRM.  In this module you can select the language used for each site and the types of properties sent to that site.  So you can limit properties by price range, or other parameter such as rental or sale, or commercial or residential and set up a multi-regional real estate website network to market them.

Multi-regional real estate website network

Languages and translations for your Respacio CRM are set up in the master module and these terms are used by your websites.  Free text translations of each property description are written in the property management module.  Once you have set these up, you are ready to create a multilingual, multi-regional real estate website network of sites.

Respacio allows you to set up your multi-regional real estate website network across local servers located in the country where the language is spoken.  So each language website can be hosted on its own local server.  This feature gives your websites a unique multi-regional SEO advantage in searches made in those countries.  For example Google will favour sites hosted on a server in Italy for an Italian searching for "proprietà in spagna" (property in Spain) using the search page.  Multi-regional means that you are not just targeting people who speak the language, but also the location and browser they are using.  Hosting sites in the user’s home country also increases loading speed and therefore enhancing the user experience, another factor in Google’s algorithm.

It is worth mentioning that no other real estate CRM on the market that we are aware of will allow you to set up a multi-regional real estate website network across separate servers. Other solutions will require you to base all of your websites on a single server.

Niche websites

The Respacio website module also allows you to define the properties that are fed to a website.  This is a great feature if you want to set up real estate websites targeting specific niches.

For example, you might have a property website for first time buyers, for retired buyers, for villas or just apartments or for commercial property.  You can use the website module to restrict which properties from your portfolio are sent to each of these websites.  Within each website, you can then play around even more and have pages based on particular property types, which you can find out more about in the real estate websites section.

Multilingual, Multi-regional niche websites

Using the Respacio website module, you can mix and match languages and property types sent to each of your websites! For example, you may have three websites showing luxury properties in English, Italian and Dutch, another two showing retirement properties in Russian and French, More sites showing commercial properties in other languages targeted at other regions… all of these can be defined and set up from the module allowing you to build a multi-regional real estate website targeting niches within the countries your clients come from.

The module allows you the freedom to focus your online marketing at performing market sectors and optimise websites to appear high searches in those niches.  This adds a layer of sophistication to your marketing that was previously unheard of.  Now you can create websites to perform well on less competitive but lucrative search terms and display the right properties for those niche markets, outperforming your competition.