Offices Module - reSPACio

Offices Module

The Respacio offices module allows you to set up your real estate offices within the system.  Each office can have different users assigned to them and their their own hierarchy which is set in the user module.  Offices have their own contact details, address, map reference, photo and contact details, or you can set the same contact details if you prefer enquiries to be centralised.

The offices module is used by the system when assigning properties or contacts.  Because each office has its own hierarchy, the system can be set up to share contacts or properties between offices, or to keep these separate on the system.This adds flexibility and allows you to use the real estate offices module to reflect how your company works.

The relevant office can also be shown on property flyers and pdf printouts, so that clients have the correct point of contact for a particular property, if that is how you choose to set up your system.