Export Infocasa to Respacio CRM

If you are migrating from Infocasa Spanish property sofware, then we can export Infocasa properties, contacts and events directly into the Respacio real estate CRM software

If you are migrating from Infocasa, the popular property management software in Spain, then we can export Infocasa properties, contacts and events directly into the Respacio system.

This means that the transition from Infocasa to Respacio is painless and all your data will remain in  place.  You will still retain all of the property details that you had in Infocasa and all attachments will be moved over.  Both buyers and vendors will export to the Respacio Contacts module and vendors will be linked to the appropriate properties.  Any events that have been stored between properties and buyers will also be preserved when we export Infocasa data for you.  We can also import your language translations for property descriptions, including features etc.

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to move over to the Respacio real estate CRM from Infocasa, and these include (but are not limited to):

  • The ability to access and use the CRM system from mobile devices
  • Easy creation of SEO optimised and niche websites with many additional customisation features in WordPress
  • Better treatment of multilingual websites across multiple regions for SEO
  • Enhanced direct marketing and newsletter functionality
  • Integration of G Suite for Gmails and Calendars
  • Increased flexibility of Contacts
  • Price

After the export, your team will find using Respacio intuitive, though there will obviously be differences between the systems as the Respacio CRM has a number of additional functions, such as the ability to link contacts with each other, however this will not affect your data when we export Infocasa into Respacio.  Your team will certainly find the ability to access the Respacio CRM software from any device!

If your company uses Infocasa and you are considering upgrading your real estate CRM, then Respacio is the natural choice.  Contact us to discuss how we can help export Infocasa records and make the migration and smooth and painless.