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How to sync the Real Homes WP Theme with your CRM

How to Sync the Real Homes WP theme with your CRM shows you how to get the most sales and marketing power out of one of the most popular Wordpress Real Estate Themes by combining it with the awesome sales and marketing tools of the Respacio CRM

How to Sync the Real Homes WordPress Theme with Respacio CRM

Synchronising the Real Homes WordPress theme with your Respacio CRM allows you to import all of your properties from your website into Respacio and use the CRM to manage your property listings. After you sync, when you add a new property to Respacio, it will appear on your website.  You can go even further by making the sync two way. So if someone fills in a form on your website, this will appear as an enquiry in Respacio so you don’t need to do any manual inputting.

The Real Homes WordPress theme

If you are already one of the 16,000+ users of the Real Homes WordPress Theme then you need no introduction. If you are considering a theme for your new website, then this is one of the most popular real estate themes on the internet with hundreds of great reviews. The theme is extremely flexible and works with multiple currencies and languages. You can try a demo of the theme and purchase it from Themeforest.

The WP All Import and WP All Export plugins are available to Respacio subscribers FREE saving you up to $169! With the available Free add ons from the WordPress Repository these powerful plugins enable you to synchronise your websites with Respacio feeds which means you never have to duplicate inputting again! Feeds create live links between your sites and the Respacio CRM, so any changes you make to a property in the CRM will also be changed on your website.

Respacio CRM enables you to manage the sales and marketing process, saving you time and giving you a whole new range of tools that you can use to increase your closing ratios, improve your marketing, reduce your costs and take control of your business.

Exporting properties from Real Homes to Respacio

Exporting properties from the Real Homes WordPress Theme to Respacio is done using the WP All Export plugin. As a Respacio customer, you can download this plugin free from the Knowledgebase. You export the properties as an Excel file and import the Excel file into Respacio. You can match any fields and customised labels between the two systems. Respacio allows for three types of labels on properties; Features, Attributes and Marketing Features so you can slot labels wherever you want. Respacio also allows you to set up any custom fields you require for a property, so there is no problem with mapping your data.

Syncing Respacio CRM properties with your Real Homes Theme

Syncing properties that you add to Respacio is done using an XML file. In Respacio you can use the predefined Real Homes WP XML template in the Feedbuilder to include all of the property fields and media that you want to import. You can select the language and define which properties are sent over, or just send them all. Once you have set up the feed, any changes you make to a property will immediately be reflected in the feed.

The next stage is to head over to your website and add the WP All Import plugin which you will find in the Respacio Knowledgebase. Using this plugin you can connect to your Respacio feed and map all the fields to your Real Homes Theme. You can use the free Real Homes add on for WP All Import which makes this step simple and only a few minutes work.

Users and new enquiries

Exporting users is the same process as exporting properties. All your WordPress users can be easily exported and then imported to Respacio.

New enquiries that are fill in any type of contact form can also appear in Respacio using the Respacio automated email reader. It is simple to train the system to read the automated emails sent by your enquiry form so that the new contact immediately appears in your Respacio system and you can start your marketing and sales process.

An enquiry’s property requirements from a form can be sent to Respacio and these will automatically create a new deal in your Pipeline as soon as you confirm the enquiry as a contact.

If you are using Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms or virtually any other type of form software then you can also integrate Google Tag manager to add additional information that you can use in Respacio. For example, you can add the link source so that you accurately know the source of your new contact and this information can be stored with the contact in Respacio and allows you to see the cost per lead and cost per sale in reports. You can also store other useful information such as the user language and their location.

A perfect sales and marketing match

Combining Real Homes and Respacio is the perfect sales and marketing match, allowing you to work with deals immediately and manage both your properties and contacts with a minimum of effort. Respacio brings Real Homes users incredible marketing power using direct contact and social media.