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Is there important contact info you need? Create custom fields and use them in property matching

In Real Estate the number 3 can be BAD LUCK!

As a real estate agent did you know that in the Philippines it’s bad luck if the number of steps of a staircase at home is divisible by three? That’s just one example of the many ways in which real estate software can limit you.

How would your real estate software cope with that? Could you even add that field? Could you use that field you added to automatically match properties to your superstitious client requirements? Could you send that information to Portals, MLS systems and your website?

Getting rid of useless fields in your CRM

The first problem with real estate software is that there’s a whole lot of junk there on your screen that you don’t use.

To allow you to think with a clear head, if you don’t need a field in your software, don’t stare at it all day… get rid of it! With Respacio you can remove or rename fields that you see in the real estate listing pages and the contacts’ details.

The 5 things you need in a real estate CRM custom field

The second problem is that you don’t have a place to put information that’s useful to you and use it. There are 4 crucial areas where you might want to use this data.

  1. You need to be able to see that feature clearly in a logical place in your real estate CRM listing page and you should have the option to be able to see it in your property list view if you want it.
  2. You must be able to search your properties and find those with the feature
  3. You may need to use the field in templates for emails, Whatsapp or documents
  4. You need to be able to match properties if your buyer is looking for the feature so you can send your matching properties manually as you select through the list and automatically send new properties as the come into your portfolio.
  5. You may need to send this information to your website or portals so it needs to be available on your outgoing XML feeds and APIs.

If you need a new different field, then add one! It should be that easy.

So don’t be bullied by your software and break free..or divide by 3 if you are in the Philippines! Always be exceptional.