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In real estate, life can be complicated, but custom fields come to the rescue!

Life can be complicated in Real Estate!

You know that sometimes life can be complicated in Real Estate. We get asked a lot of questions by our clients and sometimes we want to automate the matching of properties to client requirements but use fields particular to our market.

For example, trying to add the right pool information to most real estate software is impossible! Infinity pools, kidney pools, pool heating, pool water, pool sizes, communal pools, saltwater pools, chlorinated pools, electric pool covers – there’s probably only one box to tick for pool!

Another good example is parking. There are private garages attached, detached, under the house or parking beside and everything has a size then there’s communal parking.. the list goes on!

Those are quite traditional things but as time changes we get domotic systems, electric vehicle recharging points… you get the point. And most software can’t keep up.

So don’t be bullied by your real estate software anymore.

CRM custom fields to the rescue!

Maybe where sell real estate, buyers want to know about pools, garages or some other important thing and your CRM does not have the right place to put it. We all work in unique environments and our market niches differ.

You need to be able to neatly and logically create any type of custom fields from tick boxes to number fields and dropdowns easily and position them in you property listing page so you can quickly and intuitively find it when a buyer asks you a question.

You need to be able to search your property listings for these important selling points so that you can respond quickly to a buyer.

You need to be able to add these same custom fields in the buyers property requirements so you know if they have a preference, or a range like their garage has to be a minimum size or if a property definitely must have this custom feature.

And then you need to be able to match properties based on these custom fields so that either you can get a list of properties you can manually decide to send, or automate the process so that newly matching properties are automatically sent.

Having the knowledge makes your clients trust you and sending the right real estate listings that accurately match their requirements and preferences is an absolute must for any real estate agent worth their salt!

Try Respacio and get your real estate software working for you… and always, always be exceptional!