Bob and Dick mess up this estate agent's day! - reSPACio
OK so sometimes getting your Bobs and Dicks in the wrong place might be funny. But getting someone’s name wrong can be a costly mistake or might lose you a lead

Bob and Dick mess up this estate agent’s day!

This video is a funny story that illustrates a serious point which is using someone’s nickname and their real name in the wrong context and the trouble that ensues.

Does your real estate software have a field for someone’s nickname or appellation? When your real estate crm sends an automated email, will it use the nickname and say, "Hi, Bob"?

Most real estate CRMs do not have this capacity natively, but in Respacio, we use the correct name in the correct place. So when the software fills in a contract, it will use the real first name. When it sends an email, it will look for a nickname and use that. If there is none, it will revert to the first name.

Small details can have a big impact and attention to detail is what sets apart a good real estate agent. Get the right software for the Bob Job and always be exceptional!