Automating your real estate CRM to send meeting invites is easy! Make sure your real estate software can do it. - reSPACio
If your real estate CRM software isn’t automatically sending iCal invitations to your clients when you create events then it might be time to look for another CRM.

Automating your real estate CRM to send meeting invites is easy! Make sure your real estate software can do it.

As a real estate agent you are constantly booking meetings, viewings, valuations, property checks and the list goes on. You need real estate CRM software that helps you keep track of everything and makes sure you don’t forget to book anything or forget to invite anyone important.

The Respacio Real Estate CRM does this by automatically sending an ical invitations to all people involved in an appointment when you create an event in the system. So you enter the event only one time in your real estate CRM and everyone involved immediately gets an automatic email with their invitation. As a bonus your calendar is already synced with the system so your diary is populated automatically as well. Everyone is invited and has tis event in their calendars and you only used one piece of software and saved truckloads of your time. Now that’s what we call efficiency.

What is an ical invitation?

Ical is a computer file format used for storing and sharing calendar data. These files normally have the file extensions .ical, ics or .icalendar. Interestingly ical is short for iCalendar.

The main benefit of using ical files is that they are created with an open standard making them easy to interpret by any calendar software so anyone can share their calendar appointments with anyone else. All you have to do is attach the ical file created from your calendar appointment to an outgoing email and the receiver open it and agrees to add that meeting to their diary. It’s that easy!

It’s for this reason that the team at Respacio built in the ical functionality into the system. Appointments can be sent and accepted by anyone with an email account an online calendar.

What are the benefits of automated ical invitations in real estate crm software?

When your real estate crm software has the power of automated ical invitations built right into the system you will start to see a difference straight away. Things will start to get easier, you and your team will be more organised and customer confidence will go up. These are the main key benefits of having automated ical invitations:

  • Vendors will always know about viewings. (No more surprises when you show up for viewings)
  • Eliminates human booking error. (No more sorry I forgot to add it to my calendar after creating the event in the CRM)
  • Creates consistency in your messaging (No more every team member does it differently)