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Just because portals always rank high and seem unbeatable doesn't mean they can't be defeated. Find out how we help our clients do just that.

Real Estate SEO Success: How to Beat Property Portals in Google

In the vast landscape of online property searches, beating the dominating presence of property portals in Google’s search results might seem like a daunting task. However, for real estate professionals looking to elevate their online visibility and capture more targeted leads, the solution lies in a strategic approach to location-based content.

Understanding the Achilles Heel

Property portals excel at ranking high for broad, high search volume terms—those initial keywords people use at the start of their home-buying journey. While attracting these leads is valuable, there’s a significant opportunity to tap into a more focused and closer-to-purchase audience with specific search terms. This is where the Achilles heel of property portals becomes evident. As searches drill down into smaller and more specific areas, the dominance of portals weakens.

Strategic Location Pages: Your Competitive Edge

Real estate agents who grasp this concept invest effort in structuring well-detailed location pages on their websites. The key is to fill these pages with rich, valuable content that showcases in-depth knowledge about a specific area. Google’s algorithms recognize and prioritise pages with the most relevant and comprehensive content for a given search term.

Why Location Pages Matter

The beauty of optimising location pages lies in their ability to target more specific search terms that indicate a prospect’s advanced home search journey. These prospects are closer to making a buying decision, making them hotter leads with a higher likelihood of conversion. Property portals, focused on broader terms, may not necessarily optimise for these more specific, yet crucial, search queries.

Empower Your Website to Rise Above

Your website has the potential to rank above property portals and even outperform your competitors. The key is to leverage your local knowledge and expertise by infusing it into the content of your location pages. This strategy positions your website as the go-to source for detailed and specific information, earning Google’s favour and boosting your search rankings.

Ready to Elevate Your SEO Game?

Embark on the journey of strategically optimising your location pages to beat property portals in Google search results. If you find yourself needing assistance or guidance in this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Click the book now button under the video to schedule a 1:1 chat with a Respacio business analyst. Discover how our expertise can help you always be exceptional in the competitive world of real estate.