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A SECRET TIP to optimise your listings on property portals and get more leads

Optimise Property Portal Listings Automatically: Respacio’s Feedbuilder Module

The Significance of Property Portals in Real Estate Marketing

In the fast-paced and competitive world of real estate, effective marketing is the key to success. Property portals have emerged as indispensable tools for real estate agents to showcase their listings and reach a wider audience. These online platforms, such as Idealista, imovirtual, SeLoger, Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla, Realtor.ca, Zolo, Realtor.com, and Zillow, provide a vast and diverse audience of potential buyers and renters. However, advertising on property portals can come with its challenges, including managing limited ad slots and ensuring all listings receive adequate exposure. In this article, we explore how to optimise property portal listings automatically using Respacio’s innovative Feedbuilder module, ensuring your real estate business thrives with exceptional results.

The Dilemma of Limited Ad Slots on Property Portals

When it comes to advertising on property portals, one of the major hurdles real estate agents face is the limitation of ad slots. Property portals often charge agents based on the number of listings they feature, and the cost can quickly add up. As a result, real estate agents may find themselves with more listings than available ad slots, leaving them with the difficult decision of which listings to prioritise.

The pressure to showcase each property equally is paramount to keep sellers satisfied and maintain a professional image. However, when forced to remove or rotate listings manually, agents risk losing leads and missing out on valuable opportunities.

Introducing Respacio’s Feedbuilder Module: The Automatic Solution

Respacio, a leading real estate software provider, offers a cutting-edge solution to the challenges of property portal listings – the Feedbuilder module. This innovative tool empowers real estate agents to optimise their property portal listings automatically, ensuring every property receives the exposure it deserves without the time-consuming manual effort.

With the Feedbuilder module, you can define specific properties that you want to be included in the portal feed. The module allows you to set various parameters, such as price, location, property type, and source of the listing, so you have complete control over which properties are sent to the portal.

This feature is particularly valuable for agents who collaborate with multiple partners and may not wish to send all listings to the property portal. By customising the feed, agents can curate listings and ensure that only relevant properties are displayed to potential buyers and renters.

Optimising Listing Rotation to Maximise Visibility

One of the clever ways real estate agents can leverage the Feedbuilder module is by strategically rotating their property listings on the portal. Let’s say you have subscribed to a property portal for 100 listings, but you have a total of 150 properties in your portfolio. Instead of leaving 50 properties out of the portal feed, you can choose to rotate them periodically.

By rotating listings, you ensure that all your properties have a chance to be featured on the portal at different times. This not only keeps your property listings fresh and engaging but can also have an unexpected bonus. Some property portals prioritise displaying new listings at the top of their search results, giving rotated listings a chance to be recognized as "new" and receive enhanced visibility.

With Respacio’s Feedbuilder module, the rotation process is automatic and hassle-free. You can set the frequency and duration of rotation, ensuring that each listing gets its fair share of exposure to potential clients.

Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing with Automated Portal Listings

In conclusion, property portals are indispensable tools for real estate marketing, offering access to a wide audience of potential buyers and renters. However, the challenges of limited ad slots and managing numerous listings can be daunting for agents.

Respacio’s Feedbuilder module provides a game-changing solution, enabling agents to optimise their property portal listings automatically. By defining parameters for inclusion in the portal feed and strategically rotating listings, agents can ensure that all properties receive the exposure they deserve.

Embrace the power of automation and elevate your real estate marketing to new heights with Respacio’s Feedbuilder module. Say goodbye to manual listing management and hello to increased leads and satisfied sellers. Are you ready to unlock the potential of your property portal listings? Click to get a free demo of Respacio’s CRM and witness the difference automation can make in your real estate business. Always be exceptional!