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Explore 7 compelling reasons to niche your market and earn more

7 reasons why agents in real estate niche marketing earn more

In real estate there are many niches possible and you are limited only by the size of your market and your imagination. Whether you focus on first time buyers, retirees, Pharmacies or corporates the basic advantages remain the same.

1 Less competition in a real estate niche

In real estate you can sell to everyone and compete with everyone. Or you can specialise in a niche and compete with just a few. For example, if your niche is luxury vacation homes in a specific location, you’re competing with a smaller pool of agents targeting the same buyers.

2 Agents that niche generate more Trust

When you specialise in a niche you win client trust. People always trust a specialist more, think of doctors, accountants and lawyers. For instance, if you focus on selling eco-friendly homes, environmentally-conscious buyers are more likely to trust your expertise in this niche.

3 Niche marketing means lower cost per lead

Specialists target their marketing so they can spend less on generating leads. They get more referrals too. If you specialise in golf properties, you can market directly to golf enthusiasts and save money on broad advertising campaigns.

4 Niche marketing means higher lead quality 

Leads in a niche are more loyal and higher quality. You waste less time. Since you understand the niche’s specific needs and preferences, you can provide more relevant and targeted information. For example, if you specialise in Equestrian Properties, your leads are more likely to be genuinely interested in such listings.

5 Agents see higher closing rates in niches

Specialists study their niche and understand their client’s specific problems and motivations. This empathy creates trust and improves closing rates. If you focus on Industrial Workspaces, your ability to comprehend complex business and engineering requirements will lead to higher closing rates.

6 Agents that niche earn higher commissions

Real estate agents that focus on niches, on average charge higher commissions which clients are happy to pay because they are specialists. If you specialise in luxury properties, clients understand that the services you provide are tailored to their unique needs, justifying the higher commission.

7 Additional revenue streams from your niche

In specialising in a niche you may also be able to offer additional services specific to your market. For example in overseas property you may earn additional commissions for referrals to currency conversion specialists and this can prove quite lucrative.

Are you a real estate agent with a niche market?

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