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Respacio real estate websites are quick to build on the familiar WordPress platform with Visual Composer and provide a great user experience with impressive SEO results

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Real estate websites that perform well by ranking in search results, providing an excellent user experience and converting those users into enquiries are the cornerstone of any serious estate agent or property developer’s marketing plan.  Respacio achieves this, allowing truly unique designs because of a wide range of advanced features and options that you will not find on any Real Estate website management system.

Respacio websites are based on WordPress in order to provide a familiar framework if you are designing your own websites, contracting out to web designers or using our web design services to build your real estate websites. Wordpress is extremely powerful from an SEO perspective, ensuring that you can optimise sites efficiently and effectively to rise to the the top of Google rankings.

WordPress Theme and Plugins

Respacio comes with its own WordPress theme called State Agency, which allows you to create almost any type of design you wish.  You are not limited to “out of the box” designs, colours, fonts or indeed any design feature.

Beautiful sites can be quickly developed without writing a line of code as the State Agency theme integrates seamlessly with the most popular pagebuilder in the world, WPBakery Visual Composer which provides a drag and drop interface for design and a multitude of additional plugins to achieve unique and sophisticated websites.  Design options are limited only by your imagination.

Respacio real estate website plugins

Bundled with the State Agency theme is the Respacio plugin which provides the link between your website and the Respacio CRM.  There are almost thirty drag and drop elements and widgets that come with the theme and plugin, here are a few examples:

  • Advanced Search Module

This search provides you with multiple options to show fields, rename them, use price sliders or input fields, and design your property search exactly how you want it on your real estate websites.

  • Property List

This allows you to filter properties displayed in a list on a page, so that you can display specialist interest pages and attach relevant properties to them.  You can use a number of property lists in sections on a single page too.  For example on your home page you might want to display featured properties, and properties that you had tagged in the Respacio CRM as bargain, luxury, suitable for retirement… anything you want.  You can use any combination of property features, attributes, prices, bedrooms to create filtered lists allowing an enormous amount of flexibility in your real estate websites pages.  So if you write a blog article about, let’s say homes with a pool, you can list properties with a pool.  You can choose how many properties are displayed and how they are displayed, making this tool infinitely useful on property websites.

  • Location Pages

All properties have breadcrumbs at the top, showing the building/complex, town, region etc.  Each of these location pages is created automatically by the system, and if you add a new location to the CRM a web page will be automatically created that shows properties from that location.  You can edit these pages further by adding text, images, and create uniquely useful pages for your visitors, as well as great SEO landing pages.

  • Map Module

The map module allows you to display a Google map with all your property locations shown, and a list of properties below.  As the map zooms in, the property list changes to match it.  You can also filter which properties are shown on the map, so for example you could create a page called “Golf Property” and only show homes that you had given a golf attribute to in the CRM.

CRM Integration

Our themes and plugins for real estate websites integrate into the Respacio CRM.  If you add a property to your CRM, then it will display on your websites with the descriptions, media and all the details that you choose to display.  Similarly, when you take a property off the market, your websites will synchronise.

When an enquiry form is completed on your website, it will appear as an enquiry in the CRM with no need to type any details.  You can then decide if to turn the enquiry into a contact, or merge it with an existing contact and then work on it.

Creating websites in other languages

The Respacio system is unique in the way it allows you to create multilingual websites for multi-region marketing and ensure that they are optimised for Google search.

For example, if you have a site in Italian and you want this site to perform well in searches from users in Italy then the best way of doing this is to use an Italian domain and base the site on a server in Italy.  Google will then classify this site as a site for Italian speakers in Italy.  From Google’s point of view, this is far better than just having a single domain with translations attached.

The Respacio CRM can feed your property details in whatever language you choose to a server anywhere on the internet.  The Respacio Plugin and State Agency Theme allow you to link all of these sites in multiple languages together.  So if you press the Spanish flag on a property display that is in Italian, you will be sent to that property on your Spanish website.  The same goes for blog posts or any other type of page, you can interlink it all between sites.

Creating Niche Websites

Respacio real estate websites are designed so that you can take advantage of marketing niches that you have identified.  From the Respacio CRM you can define exactly which types of properties are sent to a website, and you can manipulate this even further using the  various modules provided by the theme and plugin.

Many real estate agents have bought domains in the past with excellent names that they are simply holding with their domain registrar.  Respacio allows you to quickly create websites on these domains and bring them into your marketing campaigns.  So for example, if you have a domain called “” which you bought a few years ago because you thought the long tail keyword was a good niche, now you can use it with minimal effort.


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