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Jon Beckman

"Real estate newsletters are undervalued, for us the results are great"

We have always sent bulk email blasts, and still do, but experimenting with smaller target groups for our real estate newsletters has yielded some spectacular results

Rose Mcfarlain – France

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The Respacio CRM synchronises with your company Mailchimp account to send real estate newsletters and manage unsubscribes.

You can create a design using the Respacio Templates module or on the Mailchimp platform, whichever you prefer.  The former will give you more options, for example if you wish to embed properties in your real estate newsletter.

The Groups module allows you to select the contact list that you are sending to, and that list is automatically uploaded to mailchimp when you send your campaign.  Using groups to refine your database allows you to send more targeted newsletters to your contacts and get better response rates.

When you send a real estate newsletter to a contact, a copy is logged in the contact email tab, so you can always see a record of the emails that you have sent.  Similarly, if the Newsletter has a property embedded or attached, the property record will also show a copy in its email tab.

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