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Direct Marketing

Jon Beckman

"Real estate direct marketing turns old leads into new buyers"

In real estate direct marketing is low cost, high return bringing back churned leads and turning them into solid contacts; its good business practice

Walter Ahrens – Spain

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The Respacio CRM is a powerful direct marketing marketing tool, allowing you to take the maximum advantage of your database to segment and personalise emails, putting an end to junk mail and spam.

Using the contact advanced search function, groups can quickly be created based on almost any parameter.  The Templates module makes it easy to create personalised emails to send through Gmail integration or SMTP, and larger mailings can be processed through Mailchimp integration.

Another example of direct marketing is when a new property is added to the system.  A Contact who is interested in purchasing property will have certain requirements that define what he is looking for, and these requirements are auto-matched whenever a new property is added to the system.  So having added a new property,  a list of interested buyers produced and the property details can be immediately emailed to them with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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