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Check into the Real Estate Marketing Blog regularly for hints and tips on international real estate marketing for estate agents and developers.  We’ll be writing regularly on topics that will help you to improve your real estate marketing and you’ll find the articles particularly interesting if you are selling property on multilingual sites to multiple regions across the world.  The Real estate marketing blog reflects the fast moving changes in the industry, covering aspects such as SEO, social media and lead generation from niche markets around the world.  You need to be able to react quickly to market changes, and we’ll show you how!

Guide to Real Estate Pipeline Stages

Guide to Real Estate Pipeline Stages What is a Real Estate Pipeline? A pipeline is the sequence of stages before, during and after a property is sold. From this very simple idea, the direction and...

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How to sync the Real Homes WP Theme with your CRM

How to Sync the Real Homes WP theme with your CRM shows you how to get the most sales and marketing power out of one of the most popular Wordpress Real Estate Themes by combining it with the awesome sales and marketing tools of the Respacio CRM

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How to avoid emails going to spam

18% of estate agents throw away their marketing budget because their emails end up in spam, we show you 8 ways avoid emails going to spam that you can implement today to make sure your clients see the emails, newsletters and properties that you send them

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26% of Estate Agent Contact forms don’t work

We tested almost a thousand real estate websites in Spain and discovered 26% of Estate Agent Contact forms don’t work! Its time to check if your website really is a valuable marketing asset of if you are just throwing money down the drain like so many others

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GDPR for Estate Agents in Spain

GDPR for estate agents in Spain is a practical guide on the new privacy laws that affect all real estate agencies. Websites, CRMs and even the way you deal with a new client walk in to your office need to be compliant, find out how before its too late and avoid the potentially astronomical fines.

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Estate Agent website SEO in Spain

Estate agent website SEO in Spain is in nobody’s interest but your own, property CRMs, real estate portals and marketing agencies all try and convince you not to optimise your website because it is not in their interests. Read this article and find out why and start planning your marketing for your own benefit!

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Export Infocasa to Respacio CRM

If you are migrating from Infocasa Spanish property sofware, then we can export Infocasa properties, contacts and events directly into the Respacio real estate CRM software

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Real Estate Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is the most cost effective and powerful way to develop and expand your business. In this article we take birds eye view at how to develop new niches and use software to help exploit them

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