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Here are some commonly asked questions about Respacio plans and pricing.
How do I pay?
We use the Stripe payment processing system which allows you to pay by debit card, credit card or bank transfer.
When do I pay?
Your first 15 days are free, your first payment is due at the end of this period
Can I subscribe to a plan if I don't have enough users?
Yes, many estate agencies choose to do this in order to benefit from the additional features that come with the plan. Your license will include the minimum number of users required for the plan and you will be billed at that minimum level.
Can I get additional Website Licenses?
Yes additional website licenses are available for all plans. A single license is €25 monthly, but if you purchase a pack of 5, each license is only €15 monthly.
Can I get additional storage?
Yes you can buy additional storage, a 10Gb pack is €10 monthly.
Can I cancel / downgrade / upgrade a plan?
You can upgrade a plan at any time and you will be billed pro rata to the end of your billing period. You can downgrade a plan at the end of your billing period. You can cancel a plan at the end of your billing period.
Can I use my existing Website?
Yes. You can sync properties with your site with an XML or JSON feed from Respacio, this can sync almost any website with your properties on the Respacio CRM.
Why would I need more than one website?
The best method of organising multi-regional and multilingual websites is to have a separate Top Level Domain (TLD) for each language. For example, your French website would be based on a server in France with a TLD and an Italian language website would have a TLD and would be based on a server in Italy. Respacio allows this optimal SEO setup and its worth taking advantage of it. Agents also use this facility to create niche marketing websites to focus and capture market sectors.
Can I use my own domain names and servers?
Yes, we expect you to use your own domain names and website server hosting.
Can I use my own website designers?
Yes, we provide you with the Respacio WordPress theme and plugins. You can design it yourself if you have experience with WordPress, use your existing designer or we can recommend you a designer if you prefer.
What support do I get?
We use a rapid support ticketing system, most support requests are answered almost immediately. When you subscribe you will have access to support tickets.
Is training available?
Yes, you can book online training sessions, view our rapidly expanding knowledgebase which contains both articles and videos to get you up and running on the system quickly. Respacio is designed to be easy to use, so you will find the system intuitive and easy to understand.

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